Global Sourcing

MZA Trading, LLC will source manufacturer’s at the most granular level to find the exact product and industry match no matter how difficult your business request. Our sourcing will vet all potential manufacturers before negotiations even begin. We will only present suitable products once we have determined and guaranteed the integrity of our sellers and quality of their merchandise

Trade Policy & Governance

MZA Trading, LLC will research into any applicable tariffs or local taxes associated with importing products from all countries. We will ensure trade compliance with US regulations and any International Trade Organization’s for which a country may be a member. MZA Trading, LLC will also provide guidance on long term sustainability of importing products with respect to currency fluctuations, political changes, environmental impacts and industry trends.

Shipping Logistics

MZA Trading, LLC will manage all Cost/Insurance/Freight logistics associated with importation of products from most countries into the United States. Logistics encompasses preparation and handling of Freight planning and shipping documents, and insurance determinations.